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spinePhysiological Spinal Chart

Cervical vertebrae

C1 – Tensions in the head (migraine, headaches), trapped heat in head, poor memory (loosing words and thoughts), sudden or chronic tiredness, high blood pressure, balance problems (Vertigo),  coordination problems (dyslexia and  left, right brain coordination).
C2 - Sinus problems, eye problems, deafness, ear pain, autism, walking on tiptoes, focus and concentration problems
C3 - Facial nerves (puffy face, saggy eyelids, wrinkles), acne, toothache, bad teeth, bleeding gum, Neuralgia, ringing ear (Tinnitus), skin irritation (redness)
C4 – Hearing problems (loss/ reduced hearing), blocked ears or chronic ear infection, constant cold, adenoids, chapped lips, cramped lip muscles, catarrh.
C5 – Vocal problems (hoarseness, loss of voice), laryngitis, chronic cold, sore throat, lump in the throat, strangling feeling
C6 – Frozen or calcification of shoulder, upper arm pain, stiff neck, whooping cough, goitre, tonsillitis, croup, articulation difficulties
C7 - Bursitis in the shoulder, fear, depression, colds, diseases of the thyroid glands.

Thoracic vertebrae

Th 1 – Numbness in hand and fingers (carpal tunnel syndrome), tennis elbow, ligament inflammation, pains in the lower arm and hand, shoulder pain, neck cramp.
Th 2 - Heart problems, disruption in rhythm, pains in the breastbone, fears, pressure on the chest
Th 3 - Asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, cough, breathing difficulties, pleurisy, influenza, disruptions in the chest region, upper arm problems
Th 4 - Gall stones, trouble with the gall bladder, jaundice, headache on one side (from the gall meridian).
Th 5 - Circulatory weakness, arthritis, shingles, fatigue, anaemia, low blood pressure, disruptions of the liver, diaphragm problems
Th 6 - Diabetes, stomach problems (disruptions in digestion, gas in stomach, loss of appetite, high acidity, eating disorders), multiple sclerosis
Th 7 - Duodenal ulcers, stomach problems, hiccups, disruption of the vertebrae over a longer period of time: lack of vitamins, feeling of weakness.
Th 8 - Spleen problems (anaemia, thalasemia), weakness in the immune system.
Th 9 - Allergies, nettle rash.
Th 10 - Kidney problems (water retention), salt cannot be discharged from the system, chalked up arteries, Chronic fatigue.
Th 11 - Skin diseases like, spots, acne, eczema, raw skin, dry skin, psoriasis, drinks a lot
Th 12 - Problems with small intestines, gas, rheumatism, disruptions in growth, infertility.

Lumbar vertebrae

L 1 - Problems with large intestines (variations in stool consistency and to frequent passing of bowl movement) disruption in the circulation in the large intestines, blockages, constipation, diarrhoea, etc.
L 2 - Problems with the appendix, cramps in the stomach, hyper activity, varicose veins.
L 3 - Poor circulation of the womb (problems during pregnancy, infertility, frequent miscarriages/still birth), menstruation pain, menopause problems, bladder pain, knee ache, often together with the bladder, impotence, bed-wetting.
L 4 - Sciatica, prostate trouble, painful or too frequent urination or split stream when urinating. Important: massage the painful buttocks muscles with oil until they are soft.
L 5 - Circulation problems in the lower leg and feet (pins and needles), painful heal cold feet, cramp in the calves, swelling in the feet and legs.
S 1 to 5 - Sciatica, abdominal problems, chronic constipation, pains in the leg and feet, deformation of big toe, pain in heal, pins and needles in feet
C 1 to 5 - Haemorrhoids, itching of the anus, pain whilst sitting, ants in the pants (can’t sit still)

spinePsychological Spinal Chart

Cervical vertebrae
C1 - Atlas, crown chakra, lacking overall view, problems with the creator, desire to comprehend everything with one’s head, problems with self-acceptance, angry feelings, low concentration, dreamer, mental blocks
C2 -  Axis, forehead chakra, lacking “farsightedness” does not want to look or strain the visual senses inability to focus, lives in his own world
C3, 4, 5 - Does not want to listen, no firm point of view, wavering, loses stability, feelings of guilt, words can’t come out, problems with expressing
C6 - Throat chakra, inability to speak well, unable to bite one’s way through, lump in throat.
C7 -  Allows oneself to be humiliated, feels suppressed, suffers silently does not defend oneself, ‘swallows’ a lot or gets sudden anger and explodes

Thoracic vertebrae

Th 1 -  Happily overburden oneself, shoulders carry a great deal, does everything by oneself, can’t get themselves together so no trust in others
Th 2 - Heart chakra, cannot be loving, locks one’s heart, hard-hearted, joyless, can’t get things off the chest
Th 3 - Wants nothing for oneself, puts oneself last, does not want to breathe deeply, no own opinion, shyness, lacking of self-confidence.
Th 4 - Inner anger, lets nothing out, single minded, embittered, hard on self and others.
Th 5 - Worries over others, problems with the “inner child “, neglects own vital interests, always sad, cries a lot, loneliness.
Th 6 & 7 - “Swallows” a great deal, lets nothing out, internal rebelling, loses oneself in addictions and obsessions: eating and drinking, all or nothing attitude, self-betrayal, low self-esteem
Th 8 - Energy chakra, worries, rigid, does not surrender to the flow of life, stubborn, always sees mountains, pessimistic.
Th 9 - Suppresses one’s own aggression, makes accusations, becomes allergic, deceitful.
Th 10 – No self-esteem, fear of commitment, partnership problems with parents, husband or wife, children, colleagues,
neighbours, one’s fellow human beings.
Th 11 - Contact problems, insecurity, always sees one’s own weaknesses, fearful, afraid of relationships.

Thoracic & Lumbar vertebrae

Th12 & L 1 Disruption of growth, phantomic image of own body, nothing is good enough, finds it hard to make a new start, fearful, problem with letting go of things from the past, like e.g. parents, husband or wife, people, animals, place of residence, property, work, career
L 2 - Becomes tense very quickly, feelings of panic, overeating, no patience, moments of craziness (hyperactivity), stress
L 3, 4 & 5 -  Coccyx - Sexual chakra, sexual problems, male-female identification problems, lethargy in “digesting”, lack of security, feelings of guilt, who am I, sacrificing any of the above bodily functions, restlessness.







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